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Split systems offer the most affordable way to heat and cool your home.


Your fully qualified technician will advise the size and positioning of the unit to best suit your home.

With the range of brands we offer and service we can help you find a split system suitable for you and your budget.

With the range of brands we offer, we can help you find a split system suitable for you and your budget
  • Easier to install: Since there is no ductwork to install, the units are much easier to set up.
  • Attractive designs: with a variety of units to choose from, we can help you find one that suits your home design
  • Cost efficient: Split systems are more affordable to install than ducted and how low running costs
  • Easy to maintain: Split system air conditioners are easy to maintain and require little routine maintenance to keep the system running smoothly
  • Use your Split system to heat your home: Reverse cycle means they heat and cool, so they can climate control all year round
  • Easy to use: Split system air conditioning comes with remote that allows you to set the temperature and mode of operation

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